Great reviews!

The audience's reaction was overwhelming!  More than sixty individual responses indicating how much everyone enjoyed the show.  Bravo! Awesome! Brilliant!  Had tears in my eyes! Amazing concert! Powerful and poignant! Thoroughly enjoyable!  GIt was a great mix of artists, music, and personal stories! Impressed by the program’s ambitiousness!  When’s the encore?  Just wrote a cheque to the Alzheimer’s Society as a result! Amazing band and singers! (And I didn’t make any of these up).

I was going to wait until after the concert but I MUST share what a fabulously entertaining time I am having chilling at home and enjoying the music and voices! You looked fantastic, love the song selection and you are right Laura has a wonderful voice! 


Your grandson is a knockout - very talented and unbelievably good looking! I LOVE the trumpet sends goosebumps through me! Very jazzy! 


And lastly what a great cause - thank you for including me. You are a force my friend... we are lucky to have you shine your light on us!



That was awesome!! Great job!!



Bravo!. Terrific show. Congrats and Mazeltov!



Bravo, Bravo!!!!



Amazing concert/ really moving/ timely/ really professional/ loved every minute!

Robin and Martin


Jimmy!!!! That was a fantastic show - varied, fun, great arrangements, just wonderful.   Devon, darling, you were completely and utterly awesome.  It gave us such joy to hear you creating such beauty.   


Thank you, Jim.



Very professional production and wonderful music – many thanks to you Jim and all your team.



Hi Jim- what can I say? Just watched the concert and am blown away.  Every aspect was superb and so moving.  Bravo to all of you, you sounded great, of course, Devon...and every other participant.

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes on several occasions.

Fantastic, incredible...and every other superlative.


FANTASTIC! The whole show was great but the finale was special!  Congratulations on a job well done.



Jim, you did it!!!!! It was wonderful, inspirational, tight, well-produced ... everything. I am so proud of you all.



THANKS so much for contributing your talents to raise money for this cause. The show blew me away. What a good production ... the sound quality is so important in this case and it was superb. Professional all-around. 
My poor mum, at 101, was sharp as a tack till 96, but then the big "A" took over. I thank you all for volunteering to help musically to beat this horrid affliction.



What an amazing concert! I hope it can be seen again by others. Maybe a CD too - to raise money. You put a lot of effort into this and it all went so smoothly. Brought a lot of joy and some sadness.

You did a great job organizing this and it was wonderful to see everyone there especially Devon and you! Kudos my friend!



Jane and I really enjoyed the concert and the conversations. Fun singing, charts, and playing. And what a worthy cause and wonderful thing for all the volunteer participants to be involved. Lovely. Thank you.



Thanks for putting together the concert and thanks for including me. It was a great time!



Powerful, poignant, professional, polished, and positive.
Need more of this.



Wow! Oh, Jim, your concert was fantastic in every way. Huge congratulations to you and everyone who made this wonderful event happen👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥂!

Joan and Jay


Fabulous - congratulations Jim and TranzitionzJazz. Thoroughly enjoyable and touching. Loved it



A wonderful show.  Seamless! Carolyn and I thoroughly enjoyed the program of emotive music expressed by wonderfully talented musicians. Hats off to the work you and your fellow musicians are doing.

And thank you very much for bringing this concert to our attention at Emma and Matt's wedding. 

Please keep us in the loop.  We would love to hear more.

Carolyn and Herb 


Hi Jim:  Just finished listening to the concert for Alzheimer's.   What a good job you did!  There was a nice mix of song selections, going back and forth between solo and band numbers, which kept the listener attentive.   There was real talent among all the performers.

I was particularly impressed with your grandson Deven’s performance.  He was technically very skilled, but in addition, he brought a real sense of artistry to his playing.  You must be very proud of him.



A wonderful event! I had my Mom over for the viewing party! Loved everything.



Such a lovely, happy, and moving event. Paul and I enjoyed it enormously. 
We send our love. 



What an amazing accomplishment! You'll be perhaps disappointed that I have no "notes" to give you. It meant a lot to me when you commented that it was important for you to have me in the audience. The show was more than anyone thing, a testimony to the individual connection you make with all of those who participated (and those who will benefit from) your initiative.


You provided a vehicle for their expression, united by a communal cause. That is leadership at its finest level, Jim, and I am so proud and admiring of you. Bravo maestro!



You should be very proud, Jim. It was a wonderful concert! Hope it raised lots of money.



You Must be so delighted with the excellent presentation, that was Produced in the Garden, your Home & The Studio. 
Presently, I’ve had an Appreciative email Response, from EACH ONE ~~ for whom I Bought a Ticket. Hallelujah!!
My Preferred Background was our Garden, as IT looked particularly Beautiful Jim.



It was special. You must be pleased, proud, and tired!! 



Congratulations on a brilliant job! I’d definitely watch it again!! Thanks for all you did to make it such a success.



Great event, so well produced. Can’t believe Devon’s talent!! So nice, congratulations!



Outstanding Jim, so many wonderful people, and music brought together

 And when is the ENCORE?



Congrats, Jim, that's just terrific!!!



Jim, that was fantastic. Congratulations to you and the others who worked so hard to put it on! The performances were top-notch all around, and the whole show was really moving.



Hey Jim, we interrupted our endless move to watch and listen.

A wonderful, thoughtful event! Loved how your playing has evolved to be more sophisticated and how warm you are in the “interviews”. But mostly, Devon was terrific!

Bravo to you for doing all this- don’t know how you manage it all. 



I saw most of the show except for the duration of a phone call.  Highpoints for me were Devon playing flugelhorn and you playing Moe Koffman - you seem to have a real affinity for his tunes.  Great music for a great cause.  Congratulations on another good work well done.



David and I want to thank you for such a well-organized event that we here in “ an alternate” universe really NEEDED.

“Music soothes the savage beast—“ at least for this evening.  

David and I were talking about your life and how talented you are at many levels.  But most of all, Jim, you are a wonderful, kind, sympathetic person: who else would devote the time and effort to create this successful, enjoyable event to help people in need.  Many thanks.👏👏

Eileen and David 


It was wonderful Jim. Love your flute playing!



I felt so honoured that we could sing our little song with all those great performers. You made us look and sound so good. Lots of great comments coming from all my friends and family. 

Thanks for all your hard work and determination. 



Thanks for such a wonderful concert experience. What a great mix of artists, music, and personal stories. Jen and I had a bottle of wine, shared some laughter and tears. Loved it. And your grandson was terrific!



Yes, yes I second that emotion!   My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.  A great program of music and info.  Really good flow, a pleasing variety of musical styles and selections.  Love that you all ended with the Glen Campbell song.  Really special to see “the ensemble” performing together in all those different places.  
Bravo, everyone!!



Wonderful concert Jim. Many thanks.



John and I really enjoyed the concert last night. Beautiful music, wonderful performances by all, and such a worthy cause. Your grandson is a true talent and we will watch with interest to see where he goes from here.

John and Mary  


First off, that was a great show, and you pulled it together beautifully. So many highlights. Jasmin’s singing seemed fuller for me, but it was the same for your whole combo. The excellent video work, showing things like the finger work on the bass, piano, and trumpet really brought each of your parts into focus. Sam’s singing was great, and I loved Laura’s song at her piano, but those were just highlights. The whole thing was very moving and very musical.



My husband, Nestor, and I are good friends of Doug and Maureen. In fact, I’ve heard you and your band at a live concert with Doug and shared a meal with you and your partner at their home 2 -3 years ago. 

I want to congratulate you and your band for producing an outstanding concert last night. We watched the performance with my soon to be 93-year-old father, who was mesmerized by the music and content. He has asked me to mail a cheque to the Alzheimer Society as a result. 

 Nestor and I were immensely impressed by the program’s ambitiousness; the number of singers, speakers, and musicians brought together in this virtual concert; and the execution.  Congratulations! It was outstanding.



I’m still thinking of the concert and how moving it was, not to mention fun to hear and see such great music!!

I’m in the midst of trying to move my Mom to Toronto as she isn’t functioning well in Windsor anymore. The social isolation and lack of routine from COVID-19 at her home isn’t helping either. Hearing other people yesterday talk about their own parents made me realize we are likely getting into the worst stages of this disease with my Mom and for the first time I’m thinking of contacting the Alzheimer’s Society for some support. 

Your commitment and boundless energy for creating these concerts is making such a difference.



I just want to thank you for the great Concert !!
It was so nice to see you, the band, and all the other people that made a big contribution to do the Concert including Laura, I think she is great!



I hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out and extend my congratulations on a beautiful virtual concert! I was so impressed with how well it turned out. I’m so glad you were able to find a ‘COVID-safe’ option. The music was outstanding and I was so proud of the Recollectiv band! 
Hoping there will be an in-person gathering sooner than later. Once again, congratulations on a successful ‘virtual’ evening of music! 



We watched some of the concert yesterday. Very well done put together and great music!



Yesterday's concert was beautiful and meaningful. Thank you so much for your work and inspiration. With continued success....



Thank you again for all the incredible work you do! I was very moved by the event and performances.



Here is what one of my friends wrote to me this morning. 

Congratulations on participating in a highly successful concert yesterday. We watched it with my father and all three of us thought it was fabulous – so much more ambitious than we anticipated, with meaningful content about Alzheimer’s disease and some artist’s personal stories of living with an elderly parent who suffered from it. 


My dad wrote a cheque to the Alzheimer’s Society as a result! He wanted me to pass along his heartfelt congratulations – he thought it was outstanding. So did we!



Wow, Jim, did you ever pull that off beautifully! What a great concert that was. I've been getting flooded with emails from very happy folk telling me how much they enjoyed it. I know you worked EXTREMELY hard on this and it has obviously paid off in spades. Please convey my thanks to all who worked on this. Your band was stellar.


"Great job last night on the Alzheimer's fundraiser!! Bravo! My parents were watching the show and thoroughly enjoying it!! We sang, harmonized, and could have gone for more! I'm hoping to convince my dad to singwith you in safer times!! Such a good job you did and you look frikkintastic!!! Aging backward?"

Friend of Illana

Thank you for the fantastic concert yesterday.  What a great mix of performances and information on research and programs being undertaken to deal with Alzheimer’s.  You have such an amazing band – what a thrill it must be to play together.  I really enjoyed your jazz flute – you sure are talented! You have inspired me to spend more time working on technique and other areas of flute playing to become a better player. 


There were several highlights of the program, but I particularly enjoyed the pieces that you and your grandson played together. Clearly, musical talent runs in the family! Thank you again for a delightful Sunday afternoon, and keep up the excellent work!  



Congrats Jim, the event looked and sounded great, hope it was also a $ success.



Hi Jasmin, 
What a joy it was to hear your beautiful singing yesterday, along with the stellar performance by the entire band.
Your song, Fallen Hero, was magnificent. 



Very authentic end to end.  The energy built to a crescendo ending.  Real treat to have Devon working with you.  Jazz project very special. You made it happen Jim – many congratulations!



Wonderful pacing. Interesting selections.. Very professional. Inspiring message.



I’m so glad I bought a ticket for your Sunday event. I really enjoyed listening. I had to scoot off at 6:15 PM during Hilario’s piano solo but I think I caught most of the music. Your grandson’s playing on that first song was just exquisite!