TranzitionzJazz is one of the most appreciated musical acts in Toronto. In our efforts to collaborate with music and interpretations, we rise to the challenge of musical transitions with our repertoire. We play lots of great songs that blend together into compelling variations that people love to hear.  We perform jazz standards and jazz versions of well-known tunes. 

Meet the band… Jim Thomas, TJ leader, on jazz flute, Nick Arseneau on bass, Stu Mein on drums Victor Xu on piano, and Johanna Lyn on vocals. 

By design, we perform music for good causes, as well as to help promote local artists in the GTA. In the past, we've performed in support of Parkinson’s, Food banks, Alzheimer’s, and front-line healthcare workers.  We continue to play and seek out shows at clubs, festivals and other events, so if you want an evening or afternoon of great musical entertainment, give us a call. 



Up Coming Event

TranzitionzJazz is back at it again. This time in support of Sound of Giving, a benefit concert to promote awareness and raise funds for Spadina Fort York Community Care Food Bank. We'll be collaborating with Humanity in Music, performing some of our musical mash-ups on stage with previous members like Richard and Jasmin Uglow, and new members of the group. TranzitionzJazz will also be the backing band for most of the performances on that evening. It's a great way to come out and enjoy some live music while supporting a great cause.

Tickets can be bought on our website right HERE or on humanityinmusic.com. 

Looking forward to performing for you!

Jim Thomas's interview is with Dave Brown on AMI - Accessibility Media Inc. www.ami.ca

Here's a link to the audio file @  AMI


Previous Events

Join TranzitionzJazz for a special Holiday Season Benefit Concert to raise funds for the Daily Bread Food Bank. We will be performing a forty-five-minute concert of well-known holiday season songs that we’re sure you will enjoy. Sing along to Let it Snow, Blue Christmas, a jazz version of Jingle Bells, and many more. We will be broadcasting it on Friday, December 18, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. It promises to be an enjoyable musical break for everyone. Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased via the EVENTbrite link.

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