Recorded Music

Live Rehearsals


Friday October 19th, 2018 Marked the official release date of In Tranzition, TranzitionzJazz début album and CD Launch Party. The gala was held at Phaze 2 Lounge in Toronto and well received by family, friends and fans. Maria Soulis, a mezzo-soprano vocalist and William Beauvais on guitar, commenced the evening with warm beautiful music that charmed the audience and set the stage for TranzitionzJazz. The band performed all of the songs on the album, including Claude Bolling, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and Etta James. The In Tranzition CDs were sold and signed at the event and has also been digitally distributed by Tunecore and can be accessed via most online digital distributors. Many thanks go out towards everyone who played a roll or contributed to the recording, making or release of In Tranzition. Take a look at some of our live videos posted below. 

All songs performed by TranzitionzJzz on the album and live at the CD release party were cover songs by various artist, reinterpreted by TranzitionzJazz.